This necklace is one of our most famous pieces. The "Homage to Picasso" collection brings the colours of our favourite Picasso paintings into real life, represented in a set of necklace and earrings.


This piece represents "The Lovers" one of the most colourful pieces of the artist. When it was made for the first time we discovered that the colours used were not easy to match in fashion, so we decided to space the pieces with crystals to soften the contrast of colour. The necklace uses semi-square plaquetts trying to portrait the cubist era of the Master, and is set in a very thin but strong wire that is almost invisible from a far, giving to the necklace the idea of floating suspension on top of the neck.


The crystals used as spacers are Swarovski and the design belongs to the "Inner Space Collection" and is part of the homage to the human being.


It also has matching earrings (Homage to Picasso Earrings), if you want to produce an evening set.


The necklace is formed with vegetable ivory dried for about 5 years (Genteel Quality), dyed with natural dyes. The size of the plaquetts is 17 x 15mm.

Homage to Picasso: "Lovers"