This beautiful design known as "The Core" represents the Centre of the Human Being as the pearls are hanging in the centre of the rings of Vegetable Ivory that represent our body. Originally made with diamonds hanging free, this piece was created for those lovers of the sea water pearls (Akoya) and to make it accessible to everyone. The piece belongs to the "Inner Space Collection" and is part of the homage to the human being.


The earrings are set in silver and use sea water pearls (Akoya pearls)


It also has matching pendant (Core pendant), if you want to produce an evening set.


The earrings come in different colours of rings and white pearls so feel free to contact us with your own idea of the combination of colours and we will make them accordingly.


The earrings are formed with vegetable ivory dried for over 10 years (Princess Quality), dyed with natural dyes. The size of the rings is 25mm in diameter.

Core earrings with pearls, set on silver