October 23, 2016

Silver (AG), £14.28 GBP/Onz

Gold (AU), £1033.785 GBP/Onz

Iridium (IR), £535.0 GBP/Onz

Palladium (PD), £518.4 GBP/Onz

Platinum (PT), £764.51 GBP/Onz

Rhodium (RH), £588.5 GBP/Onz

Ruthenium (RU), £33.0 GBP/Onz

Metal prices provided by Cooksongold

October 23, 2016

On 16th of November, just after our "Desire" show at Winchester, the famous Cartier Ring "Sky Blue Diamond" will be auctioned by the famous auction house Sotheby's at Geneva (Switzerland), expecting to fetch up to £20m.

The famous 8.01 ct ring was exhibited from the 13t...

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